1989 Toyota Landcruiser BJ74 For Sale


March 1989 Land Cruiser BJ74V. It is a diesel turbo 4 wheel drive with cable lock. 13B-T engine. 169,000 miles. Auction grade 3. $16,500. Message us directly or email ben@importavehicle.com

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Toyota Landcruiser BJ74

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How To Import Toyota Landcruiser From Japan

How To Import Toyota Landcruiser From Japan

By: Dan Moore

Several people are interested in importing a Toyota Landcruiser from Japan especially since this brand is known to be very sturdy and it is ideal for family driving. And if you are looking for a functional vehicle, this is certainly a good choice. But even if this is the case, you are wondering why there is still a need for you to purchase it from a very distant country.

Actually, there are already a lot of people who tried this out. For them, it is much better if they will import Toyota Landcruiser from Japan because they will be able to save a lot of cash. This is because this brand is very cheap as compared to the other models in the market. And even if you are going to ship, you can still save about 30 percent of your cash.

And for this reason, there are a lot of people who see this as a good business opportunity. If they know how to import Toyota Landcruiser from Japan, they can now put up a business even without that much capital. They will be able to lower their prices but they can still earn a bigger profit.

But in order for you to do so, you need to know that there are a few things that you still need to costar. First of all, you have to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable vendor. This is necessary since you are dealing with someone who is overseas. It is also much better if he also understands your language.

If you are looking for a vendor, it is much better if you will look for those who are authorized to distribute these kinds of vehicles. This is very important if you want to be certain that you will really get a good deal.

But if you want, it is also not a bad idea if you will look for private dealers. This is much more convenient but you have to be careful because this also involves a lot of risks.

But most importantly, you have to see to it that you will abide by the applicable laws of all the involved countries. This is necessary if you want to import Toyota Landcruiser from Japan without any trouble at all.

In general, it can really be very practical and beneficial if you will try to import Toyota Landcruiser from Japan.

Learn the A to Z on how to import cars from Japan to America. Also, read another popular article on why people are rushing to import cars from Japan to America.

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LandCruiser Commerical

Here is a classic Toyota Landcruiser commercial found on Youtube.

Source: Youtube

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Series 40 Toyota Land Cruiser Video from Australia

40 series landcruiser 4×4 run out at Glasshouse Mountains, QLD, Australia. Land Cruisers doing what they do best, off roading.

If you are looking to import a Toyota Landcruiser from Australia or Japan, contact http://www.importavehicle.com for more information on the laws and regulations regarding import.

Source: Youtube

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This 1981 Toyota Landcruiser was at auction in Japan. Its a 40 series, diesel, 4wd. The auction started at 9,000 yen. Two tone red with white wheels, the Cruiser was in great shape at a grade 3.

For more information on importing your own diesel Land Cruiser from overseas, check out http://importavehicle.com



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Toyota Landcruiser 60 Series

The Land Cruiser 60 series was produced from 1980 through 1990. It is a front engine, four door wagon which can seat five to eight[citation needed] people. Like all Land Cruisers generations, it is well known in the off-roading community for its off-road capabilities but was somewhat limited by its poor departure angle.[citation needed] The 60 series was offered in the following solid exterior colors: Alpine White, Brown, Desert Beige, Freeborn Red, Royal Blue; and in the following metallic exterior colors: Charcoal Gray, Cognac, Gray-Blue, Rootbeer, Sky Blue, Stardust Silver.
1980 – The 60 series was introduced. While still retaining the rugged off-road characteristics of previous Land Cruisers, the 60 was designed to better compete in the emerging sport utility vehicle market. The 60 was given a variety of comforts like air conditioning, a rear heater and an upgraded interior. The FJ60′s “2F” petrol engine was left unchanged from the “40″ series while six-cylinder 4.0-litre 2H and four-cylinder 3.4-litre 3B diesel engines were added to the product line.
1981 – Land Cruiser sales surpassed 1 million and a high-roof version was introduced. The 60 series was introduced to South Africa when a stock Land Cruiser competed in the Toyota 1000 km Desert Race in the punishing wilds of Botswana.
1984 – This was the final year for the 40 series. Specialist suppliers of aftermarket parts and restorers who return old FJ40s to better-than-new condition replaced Toyota dealers as the main source of Land Cruiser expertise.
1984 – Alongside the 60 series, the 70 series was introduced.
1985 – The Direct-injection 12H-T and 13B-T turbodiesel engines were introduced.
1988 – The petrol engine was upgraded to a 4.0-litre 3F-E EFI engine. The FJ62G VX-Series was introduced allowing the Land Cruiser to be sold in Japan as a passenger vehicle.

Source: Wikipedia

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Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series

1960 – The 20 Series was upgraded to the now classic 40. Toyota made many production changes by buying new steel presses. Mechanically, the FJ40 was given a new 125 hp, 3.9 litre F engine and the Land Cruiser finally received low-range gearing, but continued the three speed main gearbox. The Brazilian model was rebadged the Bandeirante and received a Mercedes-Benz built Diesel engine generating 78 hp.
1965 – Global production surpassed 50,000 vehicles.
The Land Cruiser was the best selling Toyota in the United States.
1968 – The 100,000th Land Cruiser was sold worldwide.
1972 – The 200,000th Land Cruiser was sold worldwide.
1973 – The 300,000th Land Cruiser was sold worldwide.
The first diesel Land Cruiser was introduced for export on long wheelbase models with a six-cylinder H engine
1974 – A four-cylinder 3.0-litre B diesel was offered. The introduction of this engine boosted sales in Japan by putting the Land Cruiser in a lower tax compact Freight-car category than its 3.9-litre gasoline version. Note: the new B diesel engine was different from the B gasoline engine used in the original BJ.
1975 – The 3.9-litre gasoline engine was replaced by a larger, more powerful 4.2-litre 2F unit.
The FJ55 received front disc brakes.
1976 – United States-version FJ40 Land Cruisers received front disc brakes like the FJ55.
The Toyota Land Cruiser Association was founded in California.
1977 – The Irish Army took delivery of the first of 77 FJ45 Land Cruisers. Although fast, reliable and with good off-road performance the type tended to rust excessively in the wet Irish climate. A few which did not succumb to the effects of weather were repainted in gloss olive green and survive as ceremonial gun tractors at military funerals.
1978 – The first BJ / FJ40 and FJ55 models were officially sold in West Germany with both diesel (BJ40) and petrol engines (FJ40 /55).
1979 – United States-version FJ40s were updated this year with a new wider, square bezel surrounding the headlights.
Power steering and cooler were offered in FJ40s for the first time.
The diesel engine was improved, evolving into the 3.2-litre 2B only in Japan.
The 3.6-litre H diesel engine was optional in some markets.
1981 – the Diesel version received front disc brakes and the more powerful 3.4-litre 3B engine.
1983 – the last FJ40s imported to the U.S. were 1983 models (mid 1982 to mid 1983). It is unknown how many were imported by Toyota, but many guess the number to be around 300. 1983 FJ40s typically bring a premium for their rarity, though they are not much different from 1982 models (mid 1981 to mid 1982).

Source: Wikipedia

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

Japanese Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40

International Vehicle Importers will import your vehicle from any country for a competitive price. At IVI, we understand the difficulties of importing a vehicle in to the USA. There are risks when importing a vehicle in to the USA.

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